YOI: Couple`s Recipe

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  • Bagian: Pengembangan Diri
  • Kategori: Hubungan
  • Sub Kategori: Hubungan Pribadi
  • Penulis: Lydia Susanto
  • Editor: Meria
  • Sampul: Doel

  • ISBN13/EAN: 9786020449036
  • SKU: 717061852
  • Harga: Rp114.800
  • Terbit: 6 November 2017
  • Kertas: BC 160 gram
  • Halaman: 132
  • Dimensi: 15 x 23 cm
  • Berat: 300 gram
  • Stok: tidak tersedia

YOI: Couple`s Recipe


This our special recipe will help your relationship jorney become better and unforgettable. I hope this playbook can be useful and can make you and your partner become closer through fun and laughter. So, are you ready to know your sweetheart a little better? Grab your partner, some pens, and get ready for some fun!