Something to Remember Me By


  • Bagian: Novel
  • Kategori: Puisi
  • Sub Kategori: Puisi
  • Penulis: Raissa Almira
  • Editor: Deni Nugraha Rahman

  • ISBN13/EAN: 9786230029288
  • SKU: 721030685
  • Harga: Rp92.000
  • Terbit: 15 Desember 2021
  • Kertas: HVS 80 gram
  • Halaman: 148
  • Dimensi: 10.5 x 0 cm
  • Berat: 191 gram
  • Pemesanan: cek lokapasar

Something to Remember Me By


You know what?

I am very grateful of the fact that among the hundred thousand people that I have come across,

one of them was you;

A long-lost dream I had been wanting so bad to come true.

And in the infinite choices of color,

you darling, are the brightest, prettiest shade of blue;

The only person in the entire universe that I most value.

Puisi berilustrasi sederhana dan manis yang membahas soal pencarian diri remaja.