The Radiant, Garish Girl

"A lost soul will find its way back home." The world continues to revolve even after the pandemic.


  • Bagian: Pengembangan Diri
  • Kategori: Inspirasi
  • Sub Kategori: Inspirasi
  • Penulis: Widowati Valentsabitah Gusti
  • Editor: Whindy

  • ISBN13/EAN: 9786230025914
  • SKU: 721060292
  • Harga: Rp60.000
  • Terbit: 21 April 2021
  • Kertas: Book Paper 60
  • Halaman: 132
  • Dimensi: 12.5 x 0 cm
  • Berat: 150 gram
  • Pemesanan: cek lokapasar

The Radiant, Garish Girl


Everything is quite the same for her. Trying to stay sane after all the trauma that she endured as it took a significant toll on her life whilst grieving the loss of her family members.

She hides behind the mask of the picture perfect girl; the radiant, garish girl...

But what happens when the mask starts to crack?

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