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Elex Media Komputindo is a book and multimedia publisher in Indonesia as part of the largest media corporation in Indonesia, the Kompas-Gramedia Group. Elex Media Komputindo was born with a vision as a nation reform agent to create and care for a society that is good character, professional, upholds democracy, openly recognizes the pluralism of society regardless of ethnicity, religion and race, and is loyal to the Republic of Indonesia.


Elex Media Komputindo carries out this vision with the principles of solidarity and humanity to educate and advance the life of the nation through information and other fields. Holding on to this mission, Elex Media Komputindo continues to strive and work to answer the needs of the Indonesian people and nation for information and knowledge that is educating, enlightening, and of quality.


Elex Media Komputindo are quite popular in Indonesia and have been received the e-Learning Award from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia and Swa magazine (2007), Global Popularity Award Web Toon (2015), and repeatedly received awards for the category of the best national book version of the National Library of Indonesia.


  • Elex Media Komputindo began carrying out this mission on January 15, 1985 to answer the challenges of 21st century information technology. Start as publishing books and computer magazines Elex and Mikrodata, Elex Media Komputindo expands published material to comics, children, and management.

  • In 1991 Elex Media Komputindo developed the Software and Multimedia division to answer the challenges of the times through multimedia technology in the form of educational software for school and family needs as well as application software for businesses such as applications for accounting.

  • In 1994 Elex Media Komputindo pioneered the Merchandise division to handle Japanese commercial merchandise such as Kung Fu Boy, Dora Emon, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and various edutainment products.

  • In 2009 Elex Media Komputindo had merged with bookstores distribution group as Group of Retail and Publishing.


Until 2020, Elex Media Komputindo has produced more than 50 thousand products ranging from printed and digital books, merchandise, to software.


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Elex Media Komputindo has established partnerships with domestic and foreign authors and publishers such as:

Distribution network

Elex Media Komputindo products are distributed evenly in more than 200 shops, independent stores, and marketplaces. Such a wide product distribution network ensures that the public can easily get every product that is disseminated.


General Manager: Yustinus Wahyu Raharjo

Department Managers

Fiction Dept. Manager : Heribertus Joko Wibowo
Non-Fiction Dept. Manager : Vincentius Sugeng H.

Contact us

PT Elex Media Komputindo
Group of Retail and Publishing
Kompas-Gramedia Groups
Kompas Gramedia Building 2nd floor
29-31 Palmerah Barat Street -- Jakarta 10270
Phone: +62-21-53650110, 53650111 ext. 3202
Fax: +62-21-53691066
* Editorial : redaksi@elex.media
* Business cooperation: publishing@elex.media
* Script : dps.gramedia.com


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