Beautiful Uncertainties

Life is an upended roller coaster ride of feelings and emotions.


  • Bagian: Novel
  • Kategori: Puisi
  • Sub Kategori: Puisi
  • Penulis: Afifah Rossy Wardhani
  • Editor: Grace Rosy Situngkir

  • ISBN13/EAN: 9786230031229
  • SKU: 722030149
  • Terbit: 16 Maret 2022
  • Kertas: HVS 80 gram
  • Halaman: 136
  • Dimensi: 10.5 x 0 cm
  • Berat: 300 gram
  • Pemesanan: cek lokapasar

Beautiful Uncertainties


The ride will dip in desperation or maybe anger, curve in confusion, dash in hope and love, get higher in passion, and come across many more loops of unexplored senses. Whether a feeling is temporary or long-lasting, words always somehow capture the beauty of its uncertainties, and therefore I write poetries. Human brain can produce so many feelings that sometimes we may find confusing to define, but the tornado of thought we have is always a phenomenon worth sharing, no matter how weird and silly it may sound and poetries can be the medium. This book is a collection of poetries, that is meant to be sweet, encouraging, and thought-provoking.

Sweet, encouraging, and thought-provoking phrases about life.